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The Candid Group is the largest independent network of Dutch media, marketing, and communication agencies. The Candid Group consists of carefully selected premium brands in the marketing and communication sector. All with their own specialities and skills. By combining them, we have created a powerful force of expertise, innovation, and advanced technology, which is totally dedicated to the companies we advise and represent.


As a leading independent marketing and communication network it is our mission to help brands develop a lasting and profitable connection with their target audiences. By optimally aligning our media, content, tech and data services we bridge the gap between consumer and brand. Applying an enterprising approach focusing on the consumer’s interests and behaviour.

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Transparent and accessible
Honest, sincere, and helping our clients where it matters most. A no-nonsense approach and total transparency.
We are more than just suppliers, we are business partners for our clients. Transparency is not just an empty phrase, it is an integral part of everything we do and everything we say. So you know what lies ahead and what to expect from us.
Expert knowledge
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.
We give our clients direct access to major panels and data at only a fraction of the price they were used to. Our experts will help you discover the vitality of your brand, the motivators of your target group, the spending patterns and proximity of competitors, and help you to make the right decisions based on reliable facts and figures. All our advice is based on solid research, data, and trend scenarios. And it is essential to have up-to-date figures about measurable performance. That is why we always present our results in easy to understand dashboards and reports.
Less overhead
The Candid Group has one single back office. That means the affiliated brands can focus on their core business and specialist field and devote all their time to their clients.
By combining all our shared services, such as IT, HR, technology, and finance within the Candid Group, our brands can concentrate on their core activities, which means our clients have lower overhead and also benefit from the new technology the Candid Group makes available to its brands.
Everything under a single roof
Research, media buying, planning, and strategy, programmatic and creative development under a single roof.
Complementary businesses that can work separately or collectively in order to achieve the best result. Full Service at Candid Group really means Full Service. Are you looking for an outstanding specialist, or would you like an overview of all available marketing options? Do you need a strategic agency, or a lean & mean solution? At the Candid Group we can help you with both, and everything in between, thanks to our wide range of specialist disciplines and agencies.
Innovative and relevant
The Candid Group has an eco-system based on real-time interests and needs of consumers, with reliable figures derived from accurate data analyses.
Our cutting-edge technology is used to develop solutions for all our brands and their clients, and provides them with all the insights they need. Advertisers are under enormous pressure to fulfil unprecedented consumer expectations. Relevance is therefore absolutely essential for the creation and distribution of any message. The Candid Group invests in people, content, technology and data to facilitate the continuous development of our brands, and to ensure our clients get better and smarter solutions relevant to the consumer.
Management team

Directie Candid Group

Team member
Gérard Ghazarian
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Combined media forces empower local players

As a leading independent marketing and communication network it is our mission to help brands develop a lasting and profitable connection with their target audiences. By optimally aligning our media, content, tech and data services we bridge the gap between consumer and brand. Applying an enterprising approach focusing on the consumer’s interests and behaviour. For brands of every size, and every ambition. We focus on local, not on global. All brands need the personal attention of an agency that understands exactly who they are and can help them develop the marketing solutions they need. And that is exactly what the Candid Group does.

Team member
Chris van Zanten
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A solid foundation for future investment

The Candid Group companies are all leaders in their specialist fields within the Netherlands. They are innovative and creative, and are driven by a spirit of enterprise. Working in this type of environment, as the CFO, I not only have to be aware of the threats, I also have to identify the opportunities that will make it possible for us to fulfil the ambitions of all the companies within the Candid Group. At the heart of the Candid Group is our Shared Service Center, which handles all the finance, buying, and other back office activities. It generates a high level of efficiency and effectiveness, and provides high quality support for the affiliated companies so they can focus on their primary tasks and processes. In this way, the Shared Service Center frees up more time and resources so we can concentrate on what we do best: delivering excellence to our clients. It creates a solid platform that ensures we are always reliable partners our clients know they can trust. Read more

Team member
Youri van der Mijn
Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Technology and Data are the driving force behind marketing

Youri van der Mijn is the co-founder of the Candid Group and the managing director of the Vostradamus label. Within the Candid Group, the CDO plays a very specific and a very crucial role. Data is essential when it comes to giving our clients accurate insights into their consumer needs. The data is generated in a variety of ways, both from internal and external sources, and we have to make it suitable for research and analysis. We carry out research for both large and small advertisers, and facilitate their operations with our in-house tools, research panels, and expertise. Naturally, Big Data has a very prominent role within our group. That is why we have centralised the responsibility for data within the Candid Group, helping to guarantee data security and confidentiality. It also means we are in compliance with the new statutory requirements, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But evolution in working with data is also essential if we want to give our clients the best possible service and boost the growth of our labels. Data analytics, for example, can give us and our clients a major competitive edge, especially if you combine it with a robust platform that provides a uniform insight into all the available data. And in today’s world, an analytics platform is no longer just a nice-to-have, but an absolute must-have. That is why it is extremely important that a role is created that carries responsibility for the entire data strategy. In other words, it is an essential part of ensuring our future success. Read more

Team member
Patrick Veldhuis
Chief Media Officer (CMO)

Stronger together with one media service center

Our years of knowledge and experience in the field of media buying and media relations, combined with our advantages of scale, give our clients the competitive edge they deserve. Het Mediakantoor, our shared Media Service Center, is the result of a targeted collaboration between the brands affiliated to the Candid Group. This unified platform delivers significant benefits for all the brands working with our media agencies. However, our strategy goes beyond buying the right media at the right price. Het Mediakantoor integrates all the specialist knowledge in the field of planning, media buying, data, content, and digital so we can create the highest possible media value for our clients. Smart, innovative, and with respect for our clients and partners, we operate in a rapidly-changing media market with the aim of achieving the best possible results for our clients. Read more

Support Team

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Mirelle van Weldam
Marketing and Process Manager
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Team member
Digital Leader
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